Land Remediation

“Environmental pollution” an emerging issue of present world and biggest threat for all human beings. By land remediation process resources in land is restored. Soil remediation removes groundwater, polluted soil, surface water and contaminated water from soil. This process makes the soil environment friendly. Land remediation is good for human health, building structures, eco-system and also for water supplies.

Types of land remediation methods:

  1. Thermal soil remediation:

Special type of contaminated from soil is removed by high temperature method. In this method some special contaminated are removed by the help of high temperature. Oil and petroleum products are reserved by this method of thermal soil remediation.  In this method soil evaporates to remove unnecessary contaminated.  At cooling, contaminated fetches out. At the end of process soil is ready for further process, testing and recycling.

  1. Encapsulation:

Other contaminated from soil can be removed by this process. In encapsulation lime, concrete and cement mix with contaminated soil. By this process other soils cannot mix with contaminated soil.  This process is best, and by this process treated soil can use in cultivation and other process. Some people consider it an unusual process, but it helps in making soil ready to use for different purpose.

  1. Air sparing:

When soil contaminates with harmful and toxic gases and vapours, air sparing method is used. This method is different from other methods. In this method soil is not extracted out for treating; soil treats directly in ground.  A high volume of pressurized air is injected in soil for removing toxic organic compounds from soil. This process is most commonly used for soil remediation. After injecting of high pressurized air in soil bed, remaining containments remove by carbon filtration method.

  1. Bioremediation:

Bioremediations is process to remove contaminated from soil. In this method instead of using machines and mechanical process; experts use anaerobic and aerobic bacteria for removal of soil remediation. In this process bacterium consumes hydrocarbon and other organic compounds. Bacterium breaks this hydrocarbon. Bioremediation process needs suitable environment of 70 Fahrenheit and also suitable soil. Occasionally rain and cold weather is best for better and long lasting results. Bacterium works more efficiently in suitable environment.

Land remediation is necessary to make environment from any toxics materials. Aforementioned types use in different conditions and also according to use. Water harvesting, water treatment and land remediation are process to decrease the climate change factors.

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