All About The Use And Benefits Of Plant Pots

Plant pots or flowerpots are the containers and vessels in which plants and flowers are cultured and grown. In a nursery or an exhibition these flowerpots are used to display the florals and plants. In the past, the manufacturer creates some holes at the bottom of the pot. These holes are created for the removal of extra water but in newly manufactured pots there is no need for these holes because they have an inbuilt system for watering. This automatic and programmed system can be in the form of a reservoir.

Materials used for plant pots

Plant pots are available in various shapes, sizes, and materials. The planter you select is dependent on the price and your environment. Mostly the flowerpots are made up of ceramics, coconut husks (coir), hard-pressed paper, resin, plastic, wood, metal, or concrete, etc. The most commonly used materials are ceramics and plastic. Ceramic pots are preferred because of their porous and leaky nature that prevents overwatering and removes extra water immediately. While plastic pots are easy to handle because they are light in weight and can be cleaned properly. You can use pots and vessels of other materials according to your need like if you want to grow vegetables then pressed paper pots are favoured. You can use wood jars or urns if you are living in a cold area because the wood will not break easily. Concrete pots are trying to move but you can use them for hefty plants that require support against the airstream and wind.

Decoration of plant pots

Plant pots can be decorated in different ways to appeal to the customer. The most common way to adorn the planter is painting. You can use chalk paints or acrylic paints. Glass stones and chips made up of ceramics are glued to the pots to make it captivating. Fabric and seashells are also used for this purpose. You can cover and surround the flowerpot with moss or smalls grassy plants. You can choose any idea of decoration according to customer demand.

Benefits of using plant pots

Plant pots are moveable and require limited space so it brings versatility in growing as you can place your container at any suitable place e.g. balcony, stairs, or courtyards, etc., and able to grow the plant. Flowerpots allow you to grow more varieties and types of plants that require different nutrients and temperatures. It eliminates the burden of using garden equipment and reduces financial stress. Another benefit of using pot is that you can control the growing conditions like humidity, sunlight, etc. flowerpots also reduces the risk of plant diseases.


Plant pots bring ease in the life of grower and any person can grow the plant. Some online websites and stores are there to provide you with the best quality planters at optimum cost. One such website is Pots Wholesale Direct who is delivering the flowerpots at your doorsteps. Their priority is customer satisfaction at minimum cost.